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Model Number: DIO-BOX (DIO)

Brand: DIO

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The Dante Input/Output (DIO) was designed in Australia as the army knife for audio. This audio format converter has an impressive range of tools and benefits for a wide variety of applications.

With quality design and a proven track record for reliability, the DIO offers an almost immeasurable number of practical uses when it comes to audio systems.

The DIO is a key feature in many of tm stagetec systems’ fully customised PA and broadcast systems. Our engineers are experts at applying the DIO to its full potential in systems to provide custom audio solutions.

POE Copper and Fibre Ethernet
The DIO boasts a 2 port Ethernet switch (1x 1Gb Copper and 1x SFP cage) and incorporates Dante audio. Power is provided by PoE (Power over Ethernet) or the DIO can run via an external PSU. Redundancy is provided between both power sources.

Inputs and Outputs
AES Input and Output, Mic Input, Line Input, Line Output are all incorporated into the DIO design. Further extending the tools included in the DIO are a headphone output with external volume control. DIO is also available in an IP 66 version allowing integration of analogue, AES and even 100/70 volt systems outdoors.

The two, general purpose, input/output (GPIO) pins round out the DIO and further add to this device’s adaptability and practicality.

8 x Dante
2 x Analogue Line
1 x Microphone with Phantom Power
1 x POE
1 x SFP
2 x GPI/O

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