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Model Number: DORTR0836 (EOL)

Brand: DirectOut - Legacy

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MADI.BRIDGE is an 8-port (8 x 64 channel) MADI switcher and router with remote control and a preset memory. It features six coaxial (BNC) and two optical (SC) MADI I/Os to link between MADI devices from any manufacturer.
Recently updated and redesigned, it acts as a patchbay, signal distributor, signal buffer and input selector all in one device.
New features include redundant power supplies, a USB port to enable firmware updates for future enhancements and additional remote control capabilities.

Any port input can be assigned to any port output, allowing copying, distribution and format conversion of MADI signals. The port selection is monitored by individual displays on the front panel.

All input signals are transported in their native state, thus supporting any format regardless of channel count, whether or not control data and/or sample rates are included, or even violations of the MADI protocol.
Highly sensitive input stages mean that up to 100 m coaxial cable runs can be supported, even between devices.

Push buttons offer quick access to port selection, preset management and device lock. A matrix display previews stored signal routing in nine possible presets.

Fast, safe operation
An intuitive and easy to navigate user interface makes for fast and straightforward operation.

Key lock
A device lock on the front panel safeguards against accidental changes.

Safe operation
Thanks to two phase-redundant power supplies with separate IEC inlets and AC power switches on the rear panel the device offers the highest reliability.

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