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Model Number: DORTR0907

Brand: DirectOut - Legacy

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SPLIT.CONVERTER is a combined MADI format converter and signal splitter. It allows for instantaneous conversion of optical MADI signals into coaxial signals and vice versa. Using the straightforward source selector on the front panel, each MADI output port can be fed by any input port. All ports are fully independent from each other allowing the SPLIT.CONVERTER to route and convert up to four asynchronous MADI streams simultaneously.
Two I/O configurations are available:
• 2 x coaxial (BNC) & 2 x optical SC (single-mode or multi-mode)
• 4 x optical SC (single-mode or multi-mode)
The routing is bit transparent and works without delay. All common sample rates (up to 192 kHz) and MADI formats (48k/96k frame, 56/64 channels) are supported. This means that even proprietary adaptions of MADI (AES10) will pass through the unit in their native state.

• Switching converter units between control rooms
• Redundancy splitter/switch for recording or live sound applications
• Splitter for live sound application (FoH, monitoring, recording)
Thanks to two phase-redundant power supplies with separate IEC inlets and AC power switches on the rear panel the device offers the highest reliability.

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Category: Broadcast Audio