Plane Array Speaker - Analog and AES option

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Plane Array Speaker - Analog and AES option

Model Number: SC-30A

Brand: EDC Acoustics

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3-Dimensional Steerable Column Speaker

• Operating Bandwidth +0/-3dB: 100Hz-20kHz
• On Board Amplification 27x 30W, 3x 200W
• On Board DSP: 30 Channels
• Capable of being clustered horizontally and vertically to form larger arrays
• Can be mounted both vertically and horizontally
• Vertical and horizontal pattern coverage adaptable from 1 degree through to 150 degrees to maximize sound quality by restricting sound to a listener area to avoid reflected sound
• Pan and tilt adaptable down to 0.1-degree resolution, up to 50 degrees off axis, to allow for easy and visually pleasing installation
• Symmetrical, asymmetrical, and complex custom 3-D wave fronts possible
• Capable of acoustic skew to throw higher sound pressure levels (SPL) over longer distance to improve SPL consistency in a space
• Hight SPL capacity
• Capable of producing 4 unique beams of sound in different directions, with differing acoustic shape
• Weatherproof options
• High bandwidth coherence from 100Hz-20Hz
• Highly musical performance with excellent speech clarity
• Ethernet network control and monitoring with feature rich DSP (EQ, dynamics, mixing)
• High acoustic redundancy for increased reliability
• On board amplification and processing
• Suitable for live musical performance, installations, rental, touring, transport terminals, speech, under-balcony fill and heritage listed buildings

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