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SYMPHONY - Musicians Twin Monitoring Mixer & Mic Amp

Model Number: SYMPHONY

Brand: Glensound

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The Symphony is designed to be mounted on a microphone stand and placed between 2 musicians.

Each musician has a set of monitoring controls on an ergonomically shaped sloping front panel, with a headphone monitoring output jack conveniently placed at the bottom of the controls. The monitoring controls allow each musician to adjust the volume of 3 incoming stereo audio mixes from the Dante network, allowing them to monitor their preferred mix at a level that they are happy with. Each musician is also provided with an instrument headphone volume control, so they can adjust the level of their own instrument in their own ears. A panning control is also provided for the instrument in case they only wish to monitor their own instrument in one ear or ofF centre. Finally an overall volume control is provided for each musician to allow one single control to adjust the overall volume of the whole mix.

On the front panel mounted centrally between the 2 sets of monitoring controls and at the top of the panel is a talkback microphone, at the bottom of the panel and within easy reach of each musician is a push to talk (PTT) switch that turns the talkback microphone on. This talkback circuit is very useful for communications between the musicians and sound control room.

The bottom panel contains the 2 microphone inputs, 1 on each side of the unit allowing the microphone cable to enter the box in a tidy and organised way. The panel also contains simple engineering setup controls to adjust the microphone input gain, turn phantom power on/ off and also turn the internal compressor limiter circuit on/off. Connections to the Dante/ AES67 network are also located on the bottom panel, so like the microphone cables the network cables can easily be routed safely down the microphone stand.

There are 2 Dante network interfaces allowing a fully redundant network to be set up with primary and secondary Dante networks. Both of these interfaces are on Neutrik Ethercon connectors and both accept Power Over Ethernet (PoE). 

• Dante / AES67 compatible
• Monitoring for 2 musicians
• 2 x high spec microphone amplifiers
• Mounts on a microphone stand
• Plain rear view facing audience
• 3 x stereo monitoring inputs
• 2 x local instrument monitoring circuits
• Individual headphone volume controls for each musician
• Originally designed for an Orchestra
• Talback mic on front panel
• Push To Talk (PTT) switch
• LCD display for setup of gains etc
• Display & setup controls on floor facing side to prevent use by musicians 

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