ADA 2S12MGT - 1 Stereo In, 12 Mono Outputs Transformer Isolated Distribution amp

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ADA 2S12MGT - 1 Stereo In, 12 Mono Outputs Transformer Isolated Distribution amp

Model Number: ADA 2S12MGT

Brand: Glensound

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The Signature ADA2S12MGT is a broadcast specification 12 way mono analogue distribution amplifier, designed to distribute a stereo audio channels to multiple mono destinations.

The ADA 2S12MGT has 1 x stereo input that is distributed to 12 x mono outputs. The two audio inputs (1 stereo circuit) each have their own input gain preset controls. These allow an engineer to set the inputs up to work with levels that suit you, such as mono out = A+B-3 or A+B-6 or 0dB in = 0dB out, or even adjust the inputs for accepting unbalanced domestic levels.

Each of the 12 outputs also have preset gain controls, this allows different outputs to be connected and lined up with different systems.

Audio inputs and outputs are transformer balanced on XLRs and can accommodate unbalanced connections if required. The input & output gains are on front panel multi turn potentiometers (recessed to prevent accidental operation). They provide a wide gain range to cope with the different gain level requirements of broadcast or domestic level equipment.

All outputs are protected, so a short circuit on one will not affect any of the others.

Audio transformers help to make this unit an ultra reliable broadcast distribution amplifier suitable for the heart of your operation.

Power is provided by an internal switch mode power supply, with a wide input range. There is also an input for external 12v DC power. The 12v DC input can be connected to the optional Signature PS1external DC Master Power Station, for situations where a redundant power supply is desirable.

A bright front panel LED indicates that the unit is operational.

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