Anubis Pro network converter, up to 192 kHz with 2022-7 Seamless Protection Switching

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Anubis Pro network converter, up to 192 kHz with 2022-7 Seamless Protection Switching

Model Number: IOC-ANU-PRO-SP

Brand: Merging Technologies

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Compact AD/DA interface with 4 analog inputs (2 MicPre/Line and 2 Instrument/Line), 4 analog outputs, 2 independent headphones, GPIO and MIDI.
Internal low latency mixing engine operated through a large touch monitor giving access to multiple upgradable software applications.
I/O expandable up to 256 inputs and 256 outputs through an AES67/RAVENNA network connection.

The Anubis interface has two analog high quality combo connectors, and an additional two front line/instrument analog inputs. On the output side, you get two gold plated XLR and two TRS jacks. In addition, there are two independent stereo headphone jacks with the best quality amplification we have ever done. There is also MIDI I/O or GPIO and the all-important AES67/RAVENNA connector.
All Anubis units are provided without locking mechanism on the external PSU unless specified at time of order.

The recording process involves many processes or “missions” that require precision and control. Anubis is designed to be definable by software to optimise the functions to the mission being performed. The first of these is to put you in complete control of your monitoring: reference monitors, nearfields, headphones, sources, surround mix, downmix, network, etc.

The Monitor Mission is designed for professional applications where superior monitoring capabilities are truly mission critical. No matter how small your studio, monitoring matters. State of the art features that are the standard of today have been carefully integrated, while unique and future proof capabilities were specifically added to the feature set to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
Your Mission Controller is ANUBIS+MONITOR.

The concept of software-based Missions allows for designing very versatile and highly dedicated applications, upgradable in time, and precisely targeting the requirements of multiple markets. The Monitor Mission is the central node of all Music and Recording Studios, its extreme sound quality fulfils the essential requirement of all Mastering Studios, its large number of supported surround formats will please all Film and TV Post Studios. Broadcast AoIP standards support makes Anubis the ideal device for monitoring IP streams or as a regular monitor controller in Broadcast Studios, OB Vans or Editing Rooms, particularly for immersive audio. It is compact and robust, making it the ideal choice for Location Recording and Live Events monitoring.


• Scalable/Networkable
• Studio/Mobile
• Mastering grade Preamp and Amp
• Sampling rate up to 192kHz (Pro)
• Sampling rate up to 384kHz/DXD (Premium only)
• DSD support up to DSD256 (Premium only)
• Direct Monitoring of DAW running on Windows, MacOS & Linux
• Direct AES67/RAVENNA Sources monitoring
• Direct decoding of Ambisonic Sources
• Cough Cut on every input
• All state of the art monitoring features (Bass management, Speaker alignment, Talkback, Down-mix, Crossfeed etc...)

• Comprehensive user interface - integrated multi-touch display
• Dedicated buttons for Volume control, Monitors selection, Talkback and Mute with customization possibilities
• Remote control capabilities through any tablet or web browser
• DAW Mic/Pre remote support
• Dedicated and configurable metering page for sources and monitors
• Flexible Talkback options for built-in and external microphones
• Footswitch support for triggering actions
• GPO to signal events
• Can operate in standalone
• Freely configurable Monitor types (Speakerset, Headphone and Cue) to fit all scenarios
• Rotary knob for ergonomic and contextual controls
• Display information and notifications about the Anubis status
• Full configuration presets save and load
• Brightness control for display and buttons
• Configurable Dim Max and Ref levels
• Summing mode for sources monitor
• Configurable bass management up to 22.2
• Speaker delay adjustment for each channel up to 200ms
• Downmix to Mono, Stereo and all possible immersive subsets
• Mono, Stereo, Surround and Immersive sources automatically

• In-the-box monitoring with ultimate analogue specifications:
• Up to 4 Monitors
• Up to 4 Sources
• Up to 4 Cues Mixes with ultra-low latency
• Up to 2 Headphones
• Built-in Dual Gain 32bit Preamp circuitry on all inputs
• AD split feature on all inputs: Each one of the 4 Anubis input
• channels can be split and thus have its independent gain and cut feature
• Exceptional quality and very powerful Headphone Amp. Ultra-low to very high impedance headphones

Expandable I/O through Hapi or Horus:
• Up to 8 Monitors capable of up to 22.2 (maximum 32 channels) > Up to 128 Sources capable of up to 22.2 (maximum 128 channels)
• Upto8Cues
• Up to 256 additional Analogue I/Os
• Up to 256 additional MADI, AES3, SPDIF I/Os
• Up to 256 additional AES67/RAVENNA
• Up to 256 additional Pro Tools HD I/Os
In-the-box I/O pairing management with Merging devices Any other ES67/RAVENNA devices pairing using ANEMAN

• Freely configurable crossover filters on every speaker and LFE
• Adjustable cut frequency from 20 Hz to 200 Hz
• Adjustable cut off slope 6/12/18/24/30 up to 36 dB/ octave
• Trim Level and time alignment Delay for every speaker and LFE
• Time alignment / Lip sync delay up to 200ms
• 10 dB LFE boost function
• 2 LFE channels acting as stereo Sub channel

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