AoIP44 AES3 - AES3 interface for Dante/ AES67

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AoIP44 AES3 - AES3 interface for Dante/ AES67

Model Number: AoIP-44 AES3

Brand: Glensound

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Packaged in a small & rugged format, and designed for outside broadcast, theatre and location applications.
The AoIP44 AES3 is designed to easily and quickly interface existing AES3 equipment to a Dante® / AES67 network audio system. Being powered by PoE means that only one cable needs to be connected to the network to carry both audio and power, providing flexibility and saving time on installation.
Robust proven construction techniques, simple reliable interface and excellent specification will help make your technician’s life hassle free, whilst the low cost and long asset life will keep the accountant satisfied.

The AoIP44 AES3 provides 2 balanced AES3 audio circuit on and off the Dante®/ AES67 audio network.

Up to 192kHz Input Sample Frequency
AES 3 inputs can accept sample frequencies from 32 to 192kHz.

Up to 96kHz Output Sample Frequency
When operating 1 x AES3 output then either unit can support sampling up to 96kHz*** See note in "Specifications/Audio".

Sample Rate Converters on Inputs
To synchronise the incoming AES3 stream to the Dante®/ AES67 clock rate, sample rate converters are provided on each input.

Network Synchronised Outputs
The AES3 outputs are synchronised to the network audio sample rate and as such their clocks follow the Dante®/ AES67 circuits.

Powered by PoE
To make installation a single cable affair, the AoIP44 AES3 units are powered by Power over Ethernet and can be powered from PoE enabled switches or Mid Span PoE Injectors.

Transformer Balanced AES3 Inputs 
AES3 transformers provide isolation of the audio inputs.

Rubber Feet
If the AoIP44 AES3 is to be sat on a desk or the back of a workbench, then the fitted rubber feet will stop it sliding around.

Cable Tie Holes
All four front corners of the AoIP44 AES3 feature large extremely strong holes that are ideal for threading cable ties through. This makes temporarily installing the unit in out of the way locations very easy.

• Up to 192kHz Input Sample Frequency
• Up to 96kHz Output Sample Frequency
• Sample Rate Converters on Inputs
• Network Synchronised Outputs
• Powered by PoE and 12v DC
• Transformer Balanced AES3 Inputs 

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