Beatrice P2 - 2 Channel Telephone Handset Interface

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Beatrice P2 - 2 Channel Telephone Handset Interface

Model Number: Beatrice P2

Brand: Glensound

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The Beatrice P2 is a two channel handset.

The user of the handset on the P2 unit can listen to two audio feeds from the network and send two audio channels out onto the network. Depending upon how the Dante® network has been routed, the incoming audio circuits and outgoing circuits can be different locations and the outgoing circuits can be routed to multiple locations.

Audio to the handset from the two network sources is routed to the telephone's earpiece only when the handset is off the hook. When the handset is picked up (off hook), the handset's microphone is turned on and two switches allow the operator to route the handset's microphone to one or other (or both) of the outgoing network audio channels.
The Beatrice P2 unit is fully compatible with other manufacturers' equipment using the Dante® protocol.

Mic Amp with Compressor and Phantom Power
A good quality, clear sounding microphone amplifier, designed for communication purposes, is fitted to the output of the handset's microphone capsule, which also has the benefit of a compressor/ limiter circuit to help keep levels and intelligibility consistent even when the operator gets overly excited. The gain of the microphone amplifier can be adjusted in the menu system to suit your working environment.

Handset Loudspeaker Amp With Volume Control
A low noise amplifier is fitted to provide the best possible output to the handset's earpiece. A volume control is provided to allow the user to easily adjust the volume of the handset’s earpiece.

Incoming Level Gain
As well as the volume control adjusting the audio level to the telephone handset’s earpiece, it is possible by using the menu system to adjust the gain of the incoming network audio circuit(s).

Single Cable For Power & Audio
One single standard RJ45 network cable provides both power (PoE) and bi-directional multichannel digital audio (Dante®/ AES67 compliant).

Call Function
A simple call function is inbuilt allowing the operator of one unit to call/alert other users that they want to communicate with them. To call another user the operator double taps the speak key of the channel they want to call (P2) or the dedicated call key (P1).  This then flashes a bright yellow call LED on the other user's keypanel (if fitted), which continues to flash until the call is answered. As well as flashing a LED at the receiving end of the call an audible ‘beep’ can be set to alert the user that an incoming call has been placed to them.
When the P1 or P2 receives a call, a very large red LED will flash to attract the operator's attention. An extra pair of small LEDs are also fitted on the P2 to indicate which of the 2 incoming channels generated the call signal. 

It is possible to disable the call functionality if required.

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