Bella 22 MKII

Bella 22 MKII

Model Number: Bella 22 MKII

Brand: Glensound

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The Bella 22 MKII 10 front panel volume controls can each control one or two network audio inputs and the output of each of these controls can be routed to the left or right mix busses. In addition to the 20 network audio inputs, 2 analogue inputs are also provided and can be routed to the channel inputs 1 and 2 for added versatility.
10 front panel channel on/ solo switches are also provided enabling sources to easily be turned on/off the loudspeaker monitoring mix, or soloed to this mix if required. In addition to the LS monitoring mix there is a 2nd mix buss that provides a permanently on mix output from the 10 input circuits.There are 32 network audio outputs in total. 20 off which are the 20 network audio inputs taken directly after the front panel level controls. 6 are from the mix buss taken after the solo/ channel on switches and the final 6 are from the 2nd mix buss that is before the mix/ solo switches.
The 2 small front panel loudspeakers are driven from the DSP to optimise their performance, the result is surprisingly good, with clear crisp vocals and highly intelligible reproduction of wider band audio sources. They are driven from a class D amplifier and have more than sufficient out level for most environments.

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