CCM 4 L Compact Microphone, Cardioid

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CCM 4 L Compact Microphone, Cardioid

Model Number: SCH-121015

Brand: Schoeps Mikrofone

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The CCM 4 is Schoeps' best-selling compact microphone. It offers the highest sound quality, flat frequency response, optimal rejection of rear-incident sound, and a directional pattern that remains constant throughout the audio frequency range. In the diffuse sound field it shows only a mild rise around 10 kHz. The sonic impression is thus free of coloration whether sound is arriving at the front or at the sides of the microphone, as well as for diffuse sound (reverberation) in a room.

By design, the CCM 4 was optimised for rejection of rear-incident sound. As is typical of a classic cardioid, the attenuation at 90° incidence angle is 6 dB and at 180° it reaches 20-30 dB. Diffuse sound is reduced by 4.8 dB compared to frontally-incident sound - a value corresponding to the directivity index. The higher this value is, the less room sound the microphone picks up, thus lowering the risk of acoustic feedback.

Thanks to its directivity, the CCM 4 can achieve the same diffuse-to-direct sound balance from 1.7 times the distance to the sound source compared to a pure pressure transducer with the same sensitivity.

• classic cardioid 
• suitable for the widest range of applications, either as a spot microphone or for stereo recording with coincident, ORTF or M/S microphone arrangements 
• consistent directionality throughout its frequency range 
• often preferred for singing or speaking voices and most instruments

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