CMC 1 L Microphone Amplifier

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CMC 1 L Microphone Amplifier

Model Number: SCH-132012

Brand: Schoeps Mikrofone

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The CMC 1 is Schoeps’ new, small Colette microphone amplifier, about one-third the length and 53% lighter than the CMC 6. It is compatible with all components of the Colette system and can be used in place of the CMC 6 without compromise, for all applications in which the size and weight of the microphone play a role. 
At SCHOEPS, “uncompromising miniaturization” means that the electrical characteristics of the CMC 1 are equal to, or even better than, those of the CMC 6. Through modern electronic design, these outstanding electrical properties have been achieved: 
• high maximum SPL: 135 dB-SPL with the MK 4 (0.5% THD or less) 
• very low current consumption: 2.0 mA at 48 Volts 
• operates on 48 V or 12 V phantom power, reliable operation even if powering is somewhat marginal 
• very high immunity from RF interference with the SCHOEPS RFI Shield; high immunity to cable-induced hum and other interference (field tested with Audio Limited A 10, etc.) 
• flat frequency response 
• very low distortion 
• constant output impedance across the audio frequency range 
• balanced, direct-coupled, class-A output circuit 
• output is filtered in the ultrasonic range to prevent interference, e.g. from camera autofocus 
A complete Colette-series microphone consists of an MK capsule and a CMC amplifer. All capsules and active accessories of the Colette system are compatible with the CMC 1. 
The CMC 1 works with standard 12-Volt or 48-Volt phantom powering. Power consumption is lower at 12 Volts--an advantage for battery-powered operation.

• Variant of the CMC 1 U with miniature Lemo output connector
• K 5 LU (5 m cable with XLR-3M plug) and SGC stand adapter are included
• Fully equal alternative to the well-known CMC 6
• Compatible with all available MK capsules and active Colette accessories, e.g. CUT 60 or RC
• Compatible with all accessories of the CCM series, e.g. TR L oder STA
• Recommended accessories for boom use are the same as for CCM microphones, e.g. MINIX CCM LU or Rycote INV-5.

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