Cross Function Headset Microphone

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Cross Function Headset Microphone

Model Number: CX2-8D-BL

Brand: Point Source Audio

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Dual Pattern Elements in One Microphone
The CX2 switches between, or operates simultaneously as an omnidirectional and directional microphone ready to address a host of audio scenarios.
Perfect for hybrid events! For unexpected feedback in live sound applications, switch from the omni to the directional mic for an instant solution. While the omni delivers an excellent live audio signal, the directional mic simultaneously optimizes it for a clean recording or broadcasting feed.

Features Dual Pattern Elements
Separate Wire Paths in a Convenient Single Cable Splits to Two Packs
The CX2 headset microphone has a patented design that supports audio feeds in both omni and directional pickup patterns—simultaneously.
The elements are offset creating a seamless appearance of a single microphone. There's no unnecessary bulk or doubling up on cables. The mic cable splits approximately nine inches above connection to the body-packs to allow ample room for separation of two transmitters.

Headset Wears Left or Right
Ear hooks fold flat for protection in storage and travel.
The CX2-8D features the unique ability to reverse for left or right ear wearing to accommodate any mic user or production requirement.

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