Cross Function Lavalier Microphone

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Cross Function Lavalier Microphone

Model Number: CX2-8L-BL

Brand: Point Source Audio

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Dual Pattern Elements in One Microphone
At its minimal size, the CX2-8L dual pattern lavalier provides maximum audio flexibility and effortless cable dressing. Elegantly styled, the low-profile compact size will be a guaranteed standout—leaving only the presenter in the spotlight.
Perfect for hybrid events! They're combined for convenience but you can EQ each mic separately. Deliver for a live mix with the omni, and broadcast with the cardioid—simultaneously!
Separate Wire Paths in a Convenient Single Cable Splits to Two Packs

This cross-function headset has both an omni and cardioid element to optimize for live PA and streaming simultaneously.
• 136dB max SPL Omni; 135dB max SPL Cardioid
• Two interchangeable X-Connectors for all popular wireless packs including Shure, Sennheiser and Audio-Technica
• Omni and Directional mic elements in a single housing
• Optimal gain before feedback

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