Cube 5 Ultra Low Noise Preamplifier

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Cube 5 Ultra Low Noise Preamplifier

Model Number: Cube 5

Brand: Peach Audio

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The Cube 5 is a high performance, phantom-powered, compact preamp suitable for stage, studio, podcasting or front of house level boosting applications.
It features fully balanced, transformer-coupled input
and output, with a JFET topology for low-noise boosting of microphone and instrument levels. Gain and impedance have been optimised for low-output microphones such as dynamic and ribbon types, as well as a high-impedance DI to amplify passive instrument pickups without excess loading, ensuring perfect tonal capture.
The DI input (TRS socket) can also function as a send- return effects loop for the microphone input, to insert vocal processing or other effects in the signal chain.

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