Dual Element Omni Lavalier Microphone

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Dual Element Omni Lavalier Microphone

Model Number: CO2-8WLp-BE

Brand: Point Source Audio

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CO2-8WLp is Two Mics in One Supporting Two Separate Wireless Transmitters. The CO2-8WLp is the latest in the collection of petite element mics.  The lavalier’s one-of-a-kind design pairs two microphone elements into a single housing to create a form factor that is ultra low profile. The paired elements are factory matched in frequency and sensitivity so that when vital backup is initiated any difference in audio performance is nearly undetectable. Both elements are IP 57 waterproof rated against water, sweat and makeup.

TWO MICS for the size of ONE
NEW! Petite Profile Design
The CO2-8WLp provides built-in microphone redundancy with the convenience of a single cable. The elements are factory matched to a near identical ±0.5 dB difference—and both elements are waterproof. The mic elements are offset to reduce mass and effectuate a sleek profile.
The mic cable splits approximately nine inches above connection to the body-packs to allow ample room for separation of the transmitters.

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