Galaxy SDT 1:14 - Star DeskTop

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Galaxy SDT 1:14 - Star DeskTop

Model Number: Galaxy SDT 1:14

Brand: Glensound

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Intercom System/Galaxy 14 Position Intercom System

Two way remote station

Star Desk Top 14 Position Remote Station

The Galaxy 114 is the larger of the Glensound intercom systems offering up to 14 separate intercom positions.  These positions can be any combination of desktop or rack mount positions.

The difference between the Galaxy 10 position system and the Galaxy 114 14 position, is not just the number of positions but also the powering of the remote stations.  In the Galaxy 114, there is only a single CAT6 connection between the base station and the intercom poistion, and the intercom positions are all powered locally.  The Cat6 connection can run for at least 400m between the remote and the base station.

There are 14 push buttons for activating the intercom to each position.  These buttons illuminate on incoming audio.

There is an integral front panel mic along with an XLR for connecting an external goose neck mic if required. There is a front panel speaker.

A DB9 connector on the rear panel contains loops for muting the internal speaker.  This is usually from any live mics that are in the same room so that any incoming intercom is muted should a mic be on.

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