GDC-6432-dCU/3 - Commentator Box

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GDC-6432-dCU/3 - Commentator Box

Model Number: GDC-6432-dCU/3

Brand: Glensound

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The GDC 6432 is a 2 part digital commentary system, consisting of a 3 commentator/producer unit (dCU3) and a 1u 19inch base unit(dCCU). 

The dCU/3 has complete facilities for 3 separate commentators. Each commentator can connect dynamic, ribbon, or condenser microphones (48v switchable), and connect a pair of headphones via 6.35mm sockets.

Each commentator has 8 independently adjustable level feeds to create their own preference of headphone mix. These inputs typically include, programme, feedback, international sound, co-ordinator, and technician - for example, although they can of course be anything. Each input can be placed at the preference of the commentator, to either or both ears. There are also 4 talkback circuits selectable per commentator.

There is an additional line level input on the front panel that has its own on/off and is switchable onto the talkback circuits.

Operation of all dCU/3 switches is configurable using the Switches software.

• Digital commentators' unit of Glensound Digital Commentary
• Independent controls for 3 commentators
• 8 inputs to each commentators' headphones
• 4 talkback circuits
• All buttons have programmable configuration
• Auxiliary AES/analogue inputs and outputs
• Powered by coax or copper Ethernet link to dCCU
• Signal to noise ratio better than 100dBFS

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