GS-FW029 - 12 in 10 out Talkback Box with Monitoring

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GS-FW029 - 12 in 10 out Talkback Box with Monitoring

Model Number: GS-FW029

Brand: Glensound

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Four Wire/ IFB

12 Channel Desktop Talkback Unit

The GS-FW029 is a 12 channel talkback unit originally designed for talkSPORT. 

The unit has 12 inputs terminated on 2 x 25 way D connectors where channels 1 to 10 are fixed at 0dB and channels 11 and 12 utilise gain pots with a range of -20dBu to +10dBu. 

The led present on each channel, when illuminated indicates the presence of signal.

The unit has 10 talkbacks and 1 one global talkback all with a common limiter/compressor. Channels 11 and 12 are solely for monitoring purposes. Each channel has a yellow switch; when pushed down routs the audio from that input to the output.

Monitoring of sidetone through the headphone output is set at -10dB.

The 14 LED PPM provides monitoring of the incoming audio level of the selected channels.

When pressing the white button located under the signal present LED, the channel latches for monitoring purposes in the headphone output; individual or multiple channels can be selected.

Loudspeaker Monitoring
A local panel mounted loudspeaker with a corresponding gain control provides common volume adjustments of both the loudspeaker and headphone output. A toggle on/off switch provides control of the loudspeaker enabling the headphone output to be solely used for monitoring, or turned on for loudspeaker and headphone monitoring concurrently. 

The external monitoring output terminated on a 3 pin XLR plug located on the rear panel, can be used in such applications as a loud speaker. A volume control located on the front panel adjusts audio levels to this output.

The local and external loudspeakers can be configured to either dim or cut using a common selector; additionally the local speaker has a selectable cut. An external loop which closes when a talkback is pressed enables multiple units to be connected together.

The unit is fitted with a local panel mounted mic or a 3 pin XLR for a gooseneck mic each with independent gain controls on a screw driver pot. A toggle switch selects the desired mic.

100-240V AC

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