GS-SW002A - Two into 1 Switches x 8

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GS-SW002A - Two into 1 Switches x 8

Model Number: GS-SW002A

Brand: Glensound

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Switches & Stereo to Mono Converter

The GS-SW002A is a simple mains or external DC powered 1RU subrack. It has a wide range 100 -240 VAC (+/-10%) AC input and also a +12V DC input. A bright blue LED on the front panel indicates that the unit is powered on and working.

It houses 8 off 2 way relays suitable for passing brodcast analogue audio through. There are 2 sets of balanced audio inputs and 1 set of balanced audio outputs per relay.

The relay outputs are normally derived from 1 set of inputs. If an external GPI/ Loop is made then the outputs are derived from the other set of inputs.

Audio inputs are on 2 x D25 connectors (one for the normally opne relay contact and the other for the normally closed relay contacts) wired to the AES59 (Tascam) standard. Audio outputs are on a D25 connector.

In the event of a power failure the relay outputs are derived from the normally closed relay inputs.

There are 4 separate loop inputs that switch the relays. Each relay can be set (via an internal link) to operate from any one of these loop inputs. Front panel LEDs indicate when any of these loop inputs have been operated. A tally output is also provided from these loop indicating LEDs to allow external equipment such as studio lights to provide a larger visual cue of the state of the switches.

The unit has many uses such as switching feeds between 2 studios or transmitters. 

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