INFERNO - Single User Commentators Unit with Dual CAT5 and Optical Dante/AES67 Interface

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INFERNO - Single User Commentators Unit with Dual CAT5 and Optical Dante/AES67 Interface

Model Number: INFERNO

Brand: Glensound

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Links To Dante Compatible Network Or DARK88 Break Out Box

Inferno can be used on its own when connected to a Dante audio network. Many audio routers, consoles and intercom systems are Dante compatible, and will accept the Inferno link, enabling Glensound grade commentary into the audio network.
There are primary and secondary Dante network connections
Inferno can also be used outside of a dedicated Dante network when connected to one of our DARK or AoIP44 break out boxes. This connection can be direct or across a structured network. The DARK or AoIP44 units allow all of the audio inputs and outputs to be located in a place separate from the Inferno.

Programmable On A Dante Audio Network
When connected to a Dante network, sources and destinations can be configured from any part of the network using the free Dante controller software. Details are available at

Seven Talkback Circuits
The seven illuminated talkback buttons route the audio input to 7 different destinations and remove the audio from the main programme output.

Eight Input Headphone Mixer
Seven external sources plus sidetone are presented on eight level controls allowing the user to create their own required monitoring mix of all sources. Each input can be independently selected to be on the user's left ear, right ear or both ears. The headphone connection is available on a 3.5mm and a 6.35mm jack socket.

Single Input
The single input is switchable on the rear panel to be line/mic/48v and has adjustable input gain. The input also features Glensound’s Referee compressor limiter system. This applies a variable rate compressor to the input peaks so that no clipping occurs, without affecting the rest of the audio signal.

Remote Control
The Inferno contains a web server, allowing remote functionality to an engineer from any PC connected to the network via any web browser.  Enter the IP address of the Inferno in the browser for remote control of the front end mic gain.  It also allows configuration of each push button on the unit to be on/off latching, momentary (push to talk), always on, and off when pushed (cough), or in an intelligent mode where a short press latches or a longer press is just momentary.

15 segment LED PPM Meter 
Audio input level is indicated on the 15 segment PPM meter.

Power On Dante Link Or Locally
Inferno can be powered via the network audio connection if it conforms to the PoE standard. There is also an internal 100v-240v mains supply.

Scalable Commentary
• Start with one Inferno into a Dante network
• Add Multiple Inferno at any time for 2, 3, 4 ,5 or more commentator system
• Use the DARK units for a simple point to point networked audio break out box

• Single user Dante commentary box
• System is scalable with multiple commentators as part of a Dante network
• Can connect to any Dante compatible network or directly to our DARK units.
• Single mic/line/48v input with Referee compressor/limiter
• Headphone mixer has 7 inputs supplied from the Dante network, plus the local input (sidetone)
• Each headphone input has left/both/right headphone switching 
• 7 talkback circuits are programmable via the Dante network
• Browser based remote control of input gain and switching functions
• PoE, Mains or DC powering options 

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