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Mini CMIT Miniature Shotgun Microphone

Model Number: SCH-140103

Brand: Schoeps Mikrofone

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The shotgun microphone MiniCMIT offers the characteristics of a CMIT 5 in more compact form. The MiniCMIT, CMIT 5 and SuperCMIT (ch2) have identical frequency response curves. Furthermore, the MiniCMIT and CMIT 5 have circuitry with similar characteristics, such that the microphones can be interchanged without altering the sound.

The MiniCMIT is recommended for use with digital transmitters such as the Audio Ltd. A10-TX for two reasons: 
• The MiniCMIT can use P12, which is more power-efficient. 
• The MiniCMIT has the latest version of the Schoeps RFI Shield, which has been specifically developed and tested for this type of application.

• Offers the characteristics of a CMIT 5 in more compact form 
• Phantom Powering with P12 and P48 
• low current draw 
• Fixed 4th order low-cut filter at 70 Hz

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Category: Broadcast Audio