MK-2S Microphone Capsule Omni

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MK-2S Microphone Capsule Omni

Model Number: SCH-131011

Brand: Schoeps Mikrofone

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The MK 2S exhibits a slight high-frequency emphasis for frontal sound incidence, with only a slight roll off of high frequencies off axis and in the reverberant sound field. 
This frequency response characteristic falls between that of the MK 2 and the MK 2XS, making the capsule suitable for a wide range of applications.

• moderate high-frequency response elevation at 0°, which compensates high frequency losses caused by the increased diffuse field amount when used near the reverberation radius
• often used for A/B stereo, Decca Tree or as a room microphone

The MK 2S is our most popular pressure transducer.
Its somewhat brighter sound (compared to the MK 2 and MK 2H) makes it ideal for use as a main microphone or room microphone, especially in larger rooms.

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Category: Broadcast Audio