PTZ Camera Remote Controller

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PTZ Camera Remote Controller

Model Number: KBD-1010-RNV

Brand: Bolin

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Bolin Technology introduces the KBD-1010-RNV, a camera remote controller. This controller enables users to control cameras during live events and other filmable activities. The KBD-1010-RNV features a high-quality joystick for one-handed panning, tilting, and zooming. The joystick is also helpful when making small adjustments.
The KBD-1010-RNV features a see-saw-style lever, and there are dedicated controls for frequently used camera functions. These quickly accessed controls include exposure, shutter speed, iris, compensation, white balance, focus, P/T and zoom speeds. In addition to these controls, the remote controller also features IP control. This IP control capability searches for other IP cameras in the network, and it can easily assign IP addresses. The KBD-1010-RNV supports 2 groups of 7 cameras per group (14 cameras total) via Visca RS422 daisy chain control. 
Key Features:
• Cross protocol mix-control with RS232/RS422 and IP
• Protocol support: Visca, Pelco D/P, Onvif, Visca over IP, CGI*
• Quick Access Control
• 2 groups of daisy chain Visca control up to 14 cameras
• Unlimited controllers control up to total 255 IP cameras on a single network
• High-quality sync-6-way joystick control
• Independent dual power input: 12VDC, POE
• Control Signal Format: Baud Rate: 2400/4800/9600/19200/38400 (For RS232 RS422 VISCA over IP communication
• Power Connector: JEITA type 4 (12VDC in)
• Firmware Upgrade: JEITA type 4 (12VDC in)
• User Interface
• Display: LED Speed Control: Yes, 2 knobs (pan/tilt, zoom)
• Zoom Seesaw Lever: Yes
• Zoom Ring of Joystick: Yes
• ASSIGN Button: Yes, 6
• Camera Control
• Maximum Camera Control: Allow to control up to total 255 cameras with combining multiple protocols use in a single system
• Maximum IP Connections: Onvif Only: 255
• CGI: TBD, Onvif/VISCA Over IP Only: 255
• Maximum Serial Connections: RS232: 7(VISCA), RS422: 2x7 (VISCA), RS485:256(Pelco P/D)
• Control Protocol: Pelco P/D over RS485, Visca over RS232/RS422, Onvif, CGI*, VISCA over IP
• Maximum Controller Qty/System: Unlimited
• Key/Button Illumination: Yes, multi-color LED indicators
• Buttons/Knobs
• Exposure Model Selection: Yes, Button
• OPW Auto Adjustment: Yes, Button
• BLC: Yes, Button
• Display the Status of WB, Iris, Gain, Shutter, Focus: Yes
• WB Model Selection: Yes, Button
• R, B Gain Adjustment: Yes, Knob
• Iris Value Adjustment: Yes, Knob
• Shutter Speed Adjustment: Yes, Knob
• Focus Model Selection: Yes, Button
• One-Push Auto Focus: Yes, Button
• Manual Focus: Yes, Knob
• General
• Power/Input and Voltage: Independent power supply 12VDC(9V 12V), POE(IP), Power via RS422/232 port using Junction Box included. Power transmit up to 80-100 meters
• Current Consumption: 3W
• Operation Temperature: 0 C 40 C, (32 F to 104 F)
• Storage Temperature: -20 C 60 C, (-4 F to 140 F)
• Dimensions: 278 mm x 132 mm x 99.5 mm (Without Base Bracket)
• Weight: 1 kg
• Supplied Accessories: 278 mm x 132 mm x 99.5 mm (Without Base Bracket)
• Optional Accessories: RJ45 Adapter for RS232 + RJ45 Coupler, RJ45 Adapter for RS422 + RJ45 Coupler
• Notes: RJ45 Adapter for RS232 + RJ45 Coupler, RJ45 Adapter for RS422 + RJ45 Coupler

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