Solo 2 - Single Position Commentary with Lazy Talkback

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Solo 2 - Single Position Commentary with Lazy Talkback

Model Number: Solo 2

Brand: Glensound - Commentary

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Commentators Equipment (Stand Alone Systems)

The SOLO 2 was designed for a UK systems facilitator doing a job in the US. They required a number of simple to operate comms boxes with excellent audio performance.

The SOLO 2 is compact, rugged and portable, it is designed for one commentator to produce one program with a talkback channel. To help workspace issues the audio connectors including the microphone input & headphone output are mounted on the rear panel to keep cables out of the way of teh commentators work area.

A transformer balanced high quality microphone amplifier is provided for the commentator's microphone, it has a rear panel gain control for level setting, the option of switching in +48V phantom power and the popular Glensound Referee compressor/ limiter circuit (which can be turned off via a rear panle switch). A single front panel switch routes the output of the microphone amplifier to 2 seperate transformer balanced outputs (Programme & Lazy). A large bright front panel LED indicates when the microphone's output is being routed to the programme output. Side tone (the commentator's own voice in his/her own headphones) is also included, the level of which can be adjusted by a rear panel preset potentiometer.

Two fully protected electronically balanced audio inputs are on the rear panel, each input is fed into one of the commentator's headphones via a front panel level control allowing the commentator to produce his own mix of the incoming audio. The headphone output is presented on the rear panel on 2 off 6.35mm A/B gauge jack sockets. The headphone ampifier is our unique design which allows the correct output level for both low and high impedance headphones to be presented without any user settings.

The SOLO 2 is powered form an internal switch mode mains power supply and the power input is via a filtered IEC plug. A bright blue front panel LED indicates when power is on.

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