Three-way Smart Active Monitor (Dark Grey) - The Ones

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Three-way Smart Active Monitor (Dark Grey) - The Ones

Model Number: GEN-8341AP

Brand: Genelec

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Three-way Smart Active Monitor (Dark Grey). The 8341A is the point source monitor with the perfect blend of size and performance.

For applications calling for extraordinary imaging, extended frequency response, short to medium listening distance or long, fatigue-free working hours, The Ones are in an elite league of their own. They promote faster and more consistent decision making, and they also extend listening time, because unnatural imaging - a main contributor to listener fatigue - is minimised.

As bigger brother to the super-compact 8331A, the 8341A offers increased LF extension and a higher SPL capability, so is ideally suited to slightly longer listening distances. In conjunction with our GLM calibration software, the 8341A will also compensate for detrimental room acoustics and distance delay, regardless of whether you work in mono, stereo or immersive formats. So now you can deliver mixes that translate beautifully - every time.

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