Three-way Smart Active Monitor (Dark Grey) - The Ones

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Three-way Smart Active Monitor (Dark Grey) - The Ones

Model Number: GEN-8351BP

Brand: Genelec

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The upgraded 8351B now offers increased SPL, additional room compensation EQs, equalised delay and enhanced HF response. Offering the same extraordinary imaging and uncoloured precision of its smaller 8331A and 8341A siblings, the 8351B provides even greater LF extension, while its higher maximum SPL enables longer listening distances.

The 8351B promotes faster and more consistent decision making, but also allows you to work reliably on longer sessions - because unnatural imaging, a main contributor to listener fatigue, is minimised. And in conjunction with our GLM software, it will adapt to your space and compensate for detrimental room influences. From mono to immersive, you can be confident of producing mixes that will translate beautifully to other rooms and systems.

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Category: Studio Monitors