Top Hat M5 - Compact 4 Input Headphone Amp x 2.  Analogue & AES Inputs

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Top Hat M5 - Compact 4 Input Headphone Amp x 2. Analogue & AES Inputs

Model Number: Top Hat M5

Brand: Glensound

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Headphone Amplifier

4 input battery powered twin headphone amp AES3 & Analogue in & TB Mic amp

The Top HAT M5 is a compact mixing headphone amplifier designed to provide flexible features for monitoring in an outside broadcast environment.

Two Headphone Amplifiers
The Top HAT M5 features two separate headphone amplifiers. Each amplifier has 3 individual 6.35mm jack sockets for headphone monitoring, therefore the unit provides monitoring for 6 pairs of headphones.

Four Input Mixer
Both headphone amplifiers are fed via a mix of the 4 common inputs. The inputs are on XLRs and there are variable POTS for each input to create the required mix. There are 2 sets of the 4 variable POTS allowing separate mixes to be created for each of the two headphone amplifiers.

Analogue & AES3 Inputs
There are 4 balanced analogue inputs and 2 stereo AES3 inputs. Each headphone amps input source can be selected to be analogue or AES3. Selection is by a toggle switch positioned above the associated analogue XLR.

In addition to the 3 x 6.35mm jack sockets available for headphone monitoring on each headphone amplifier, there is also a master output available on XLR; this output can be switched to either MIX 1 or MIX2

There is an XLR input for a talkback mic with adjustable gain control and a compressor/limiter. The talkback mic is switched to the XLR talkback mic output via a front panel lever key. The lever key is momentary when pushed down and locks when pushed up.

Analogue & AES3 Talkback Mic Output
The output of teh talkback mic can be either analogue or AES3

The Top HAT M5 features 2 x RJ45 connections for looping audio between units. The input connection is in parallel to the main inputs and contains the audio for the 4 inputs. The output connection simply loops the 4 audio inputs for linking to further units using normal CAT5 cable.
The loops only work when analogue input cicruits have been selected.

The Top Hat M5 is powered by 3 x D cell batteries or optional external DC power. As the battery level decreases there is a lower power LED for indication; as the level drops, the LED will start to flash faster and faster.

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